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March 28th, 2006

11:18 pm - Everything is going wrong
Ok everyone this is everything that has been going wrong/annoying/bad
Got into a stupid fight with Bob, it wasnt even a big deal but still kinda annoying becuase it was so dumb
Got noo sleep saturday night I didnt get to bed until like 3:30/4:00 and i had to be up at 8:00
Sailed AWFUL!!! I did soo bad on sunday--I did 2 races and the first race I started 3rd and finished 2nd to last...I screwed up soo bad it was soo awful. Next race I fouled someone on the line it sucked so i started like last and well I'll let you guess on my finish
Sunday night I had so much work to do!! I did a 7 chapter take home midterm which took FOREVER and then I had to do a paper for Biology that was soo hard and I was up till 3:30 again!!!
Contined to work on my Biology paper all day and it just sucked so much
Thought I got an A on my stats test but I got a B which was kinda annoying
Got C on my project managment paper which sucked becuase I worked so hard on it
Then that night I had to study for my econ midterm so I went to bed around 12:45
It was just an overly stressful day
Well last night I took off my earing and put them on my fridge which is right next to my bed and when I woke up this morning one was missing...wierd...and Ive searched for it for over 2 maybe 3 hours...I have no fucking clue where the hell it is and its pissing me off sooo much
Took a economist midterm which was harddd
Had sailing..thought it would make me feel better...not so much...Becuase my fucking drysuit wouldnt zipper...so I couldnt even pratice because my drysuit wasnt working, and then as I was getting ready I fucking couldnt find my gloves which are now missing too WONDERFUL...but I put stuff on the zipper of my drysuit so its working much better now, and Kaitlyn had an extra pair of gloves that she told me I can use for the rest of the season which was very nice of her so that was also good.

So basically im a huge stress case/ sooo overly annoyed with life and everything right now/ so upset
please let it be first the weekend, then easter so I can go home then summer so I dont have to deal with school anymore

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March 22nd, 2006

07:53 pm - Random Entry!!
Well I just wrote an entry and it was SUPER lame!! I really wasn't happy with the way it looked and I just re-read some old entries and I decided to delete it. So HELLO LIVEJOURNAL!! Did ya miss me? I sure didn't miss you since its the homepage of my web browser (Mozilla only the cooolest) so I read LJ everyday I've just been not making entries I think I was waiting for the right mood and im in it!
So basically now im going to rattle off some random events that ive not talked about on LJ since my last entry in errr beginning of OCTOBER eeek!!

October- JUDY AND ELENITA GOT MARRIED! It was a B-E-A-U-TIFUL ceremony I loved it. Bryony miss party planner did a phenomenal job she is a wonder worker. It was defiantly so much fun and I cried a little bit...I love err LOVE hehe.

November- Bob turned 21! Not that exciting of a day. Sorry sweetie but we really just had a family dinner; all it really means to me is that well now he can buy me beer haha. Also I went to the University of Massachusetts to visit the one and only BRYONY it was so much fun and well it was a baked weekend ill leave it at that and let you use your imaginations. Then I saw the Dali Lama! It was exciting but I really couldn't understand much of what he said oh well though.

Christmas Break- I babysat a wholee lot and fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the one and only Emily Botzivales! She is soo cute and we had so much fun together we did arts and crafts and just basically had so much fun, I really felt like a little kid again. Then Christmas came and it was fun to see the family and get together definitely a nice one I got some great stuff, but honestly it was so long ago I can't think of anything right now. Then we celebrated the New Year and it was the funnest party everyone I love was there (besides the roomies and Brittney) and we had the BEST time! Very good party I give the props to Donald-o. And on a sad sad note my lovely Alexia left me for Maine on this Christmas break for seanny I know why she did and I totally understand but it doesn't change that I missed her very very much. And I went skiing at Loon with Donald's family and I got a threedom pass and well err broke my THUMB on the first day! Oh well though it was a fun ski trip. Then I just went back to school...

Now were in January...We has SKI HYC and Bob was in the finals for the National 4 Square Competition check it out-- (he's the hottie in mma gear hehe) http://www.squarefour.org/node/140
So anyways the skiing was great and I had a lot of fun

Then we made it to February-- Well I just continued to see my hand doctor all the freaking time and I had like randomly 4 dentist appointments in one month it was exhausting. But we also had the Gayla Ball! It was a lovely time with some very lovely people Me Bob Alex Seanny Bryony her momma-duke's we had some fun and then we got a hotel room defiantly a fun night. But other fun events in Feb: went skiing some more went to the Bruins and Deana and I excitingly turned 20!!!! Only (as of now 11 months to 21 waaaaaahooo!) My 20th Birthday was AWESOME I had Bryony Alex Sean Deana Stephanie Bob and my parents there it was great I loved everything about it, I was really glad that everyone made it :).

And now here we are in MARCH! So far we have had spring break which was a fun time in Florida with my daddy-o and Sean, mom didn't make the cut because she had to work, but we went to Boca Raton it was very relaxing I got a tan, which I have now lost but I defiantly relaxed which is all that I wanted. Then at the end of spring break Jay turned 21 and we had a fun dinner/party for him. We went to eat at this great little restaurant in the north end and then went to Daisys and drank for free which was AWESOME. So that was defiantly a great way to end the break. And well here I am basically. Ive been sick for the past week or so and I went skiing again which was fun but that's my life of the past err 6 months haha. For all of you who know me you basically knew all of that stuff, but this is for me so ha!

Some random things that I feel like sharing
-Meghan McAfferty's new book Charmed Thirds is coming out in LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I have been waiting over a year for this..words cant describe my excitement level.
- Im obsessed with Six Feet Under if anyone loves me enough to drop the err 400 dollars the entire season cost, I swear ill love you forever.
- I also love love Sex and the City or SATC but that's been on-going, but really my love for it grows with everyday
- Im sorta kinda failing Statistics oops. gotta work my ass off to bring that grade up, but this semester has been a whole lot harder than last was and well I hate to brag but GOT DEANS LIST!!
- Sailing started another wonderful season.. Its been really cold so im not too too excited about the season at hand but I feel like it will grow on me, I mean hey I get to see my love Kaityln some more.

Well that's really all, and well it was a lot, so if you really read it NICE JOB! and hey leave me a comment telling me what you think.
and I've waited a long time to do this

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October 6th, 2005

12:20 am - A few random things
Things are going good I just feel like doing a quick update with whats going on...

- I am currently OBSESSED with nip/tuck, I have been watching season 1 and 2 like crazy im addicted and I love it
- The OC is kinda getting boring for me, but the reason for that could be the above... haha
- School is going good last friday was fun but the bad thing is that im stuck here this weekend and everyone is going home :( But I think im gonna go home sunday night till tuesday morning since I dont have class till 12:30 on tuesdays
- I got a house for next year!!! 20 Narragansett is where its at!! A really cool 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, backyard, driveway for about 8 cars, washer dryer, and a shady shady basement with deana and stephanie its gonna be awesome so everyone has to come party at it im soo pumped
- I got awful awful cold sores that took over my face and are now (10 days and running) almost healed but not quite yet.. they were so bad the most pain ive ever been so im now on a prescription...fun stuff right?
- Ive started doing pilates and its a lot of fun

ok well I really cant think of much else to say.... this was kinda a dumb entry but im trying to update more =)
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September 19th, 2005

12:17 am
Well I just wrote this huge long entry and then I out'd outa it by accident so im pissed. But im gonna try this again but its not gonna be as good.

OK so I really should try updating more often because when I look back at these entrys im gonna regret that I dont have more entrys to read from and im gonna be mad at myself. Its not like im neglecting LJ I still read my friends page everyday and such but I just dont have the desire to write but tonight I do so im taking advantage of it and well writing this AGAIN.

So basically this summer was a lot of fun. There was drama but there always is, and nothing to crazy. It was just a great time with good people and I hope that next summer is as fun. Here is just a thanks to some people that made it as fun as it was...Alex Bryony Donald Bob Sean Jay and Kay. thanks guys I hope you had as much fun as I did.
Here are a few memories that come to my random mind..I know im forgetting stuff so please my apolgies in advance.
-Lunches with alex and some random good spots- chinese lunches yumm
-After work phone calls from bry on her way to the bar
-tanning by alexs pool--but we didnt do it enough
-Hyannis Sound--i lovee my cd and the sound parties I know I didnt go to much but they were fun
-Visiting islands
-money haha work was fun thou--i loved those old guys
-sailing with bryony and her parents and waving to hyline
-Dinner nights with bry at her house ceasar salad and motzerella
-sunday series in my radial
-hyannis regatta and well doing bad but having fun
-Going to linx and being introduced as my best friend
-Going to jay and kays on random nights
-Jay and Kays basement...yes donald that basement
-Having someone to hang out with downstairs
-Sleepovers with Bob
-Dinners with bob..we had lots of those
-Comming home to a house full of people ready for the night
-Family dinners, with all 4 of us
Well that was just a few things...if there was something i forget im sorry but hey leave it as a comment! hahaha

So now im back at school. Its fun so far.I loveeee loveee loveee my room and my roomates. This room just has the best engery were just so happy too see eachother and we just sit around and laugh at nothing for hours. I love it when i hear the code being punched in because im like sweet someone to hang out it. This room is just a lot of fun and it is making me a lot happier. Last friday was the first time we all went out. It was a good night we had alot of fun but I had well a lil to much fun and I got sick for the 3rd time ever. Many more time after that I wont be able to say I usually dont get sick. So it was fun. The reason it sounds like its so little is because I actually havent spent a whole weekend here. But not because im homesick, ive actually had stuff to do.
One of my curran cousins got married last saturday so I went home for that. It was fun but I didnt know many people there but I had a good time with the few people I did know.
Then this weekend was my grandpas 80th birthday it was fun. I got to see all my other cousins too which was really fun there all doing good. Sean even came which was soo nice I was really excited to see him.
Ok well I have a quiz tomorrow ugh in my least favorite class..Religion it SUCKSSS ugh I gotta study and my roomates are yelling at me for not talking anymore so I need to go join there conversation.
143 bitches
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August 5th, 2005

04:52 pm - Day off!
So today is my first day off to relax in a very long time.
Last week, was basically working, but then last weekend was hyc regatta. So much fun! I sailed on the laser radial line and my family also housed meghan morrissys friend Pj, he was so nice and my family loved him. So basically I sucked ass at the regatta, day 1 (friday) was way to windy constant 25 with gust 30+ insane in a radial. I was flipped for like an half hour it sucked really bad. My legs are still bruised up. But then saturday was the exact opposite there was a like 2 hour postponement due to no wind at all. Dont ya just love the cape. So anyways I did shitty again because well lets just say I dont do awesome in no wind. But then sunday was the only normal day and I did much better by then, but the damage was already done. So overall I sucked. But hey I was out there, gotta prep for salve somehow. But fun weekend, no like crazy parties thou, saturday I just drank at home with my cousin and her friend which was fun.
Then for the past 4 days ive been working. So Today is my first day off with nothing to do since like last monday or something foolish, but its all gravy.
So basically all ive been doing is working and going to jay n kays and chillin there until im like almost asleep drive home and go to bed. But tonight, well i want it to be fun haha im not sure why, probally because I have the day off tomorrow for coldplay, which is going to be a lot of fun woot!
So in the past like 24 hours there have been like 2 freak accidents. Last night when I was at jay, kays n ross's ross told me about sarahs little sister who got hit by a train! soo scary. So im telling alex the story on our way to my house and then sean comes outside like all beat up and im like what happened? He goes yea I hit a car on my bike! So yea he went through a stop sign and like crashed into this car. But there was more damage done to the car then the bike but still, how freaky! So everyone please buckle up, somethings in the air here on the cape. And the funniest part is that sean didnt want my dad to know becauses hes a safety freak. So alexs mom calls her so she tells her mom, then her mom tells her dad, and her dad told my dad. SO the cape is like one big high school. There are no secrets. haha
So currently im waiting for donald to call me or something, its hot in my house and I wanna go do something.
Well im in a genuine good mood. Im happy nothin spectatular has been happening but regardless im just happy right now. Its a good feeling. Alright im gonne harass doanld to come pick me up I gotta get outa here haha.
be safe kids.
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July 12th, 2005

05:04 pm - Time for a real update
So yea I was drunk in my last update but I think I made it obvious. I was going to delete it but hey it was the 4th so its all good. But honestly summer really is over. After the 4th it flys by and its so true. Today I went to the mall to buy some books for this weekend and american eagle and abercrombie were advertising there back to school line. I dont wanna go back. Im not ready yet, I havent had enough of summer and sun and best friends to go back to work and school. I know its only the middle of July but you wait and see kids, its almost over.

So what ive been doing recently is just working. Work is work, some days are more fun then others. But since the new high speed started things havent been as nice. The boat just isnt as busy anymore and the people that come on are now less likely to tip, because if you have the money to tip, then your on the high speed. Also there are no layovers anymore so we basically get to the island and leave asap because were always late. But oh well. I only seem to work with the solvac girls there nice and all but I feel like HY-line is like ooh we'll just put mary on the Brandt Point and well never see her again. Im making good money so I shouldnt be complaining but I sorta feel isolated. I wish that they would ask me to go on the high speed but I know it wont happen I just sorta wish it would.

So in my off time, which is every night now that I dont work nights anymore, Ive just been hanging out with everyone. Jay and Kay got there house which is very cool, im actually going to be goin to the beach with them and Donald in a bit. Im exctied to get some good use out of there house. Alex and Bry have both been working alot but who isnt, but we havent all had an awesome night together since the 4th. I cant remember the last time I saw jess and matt which is weird. They have kinda been missing since a few weeks ago, I wonder whats been going on. Ill have to ask Donald.
Oh bob yea things have been fine besides the few fights we have been getting into, like the other night in front of everyone thats always fun. I hate it when shit comes up in front of people because we still have to deal with it and I just want to be like hey everyone we'll be back in like 20 min dont go anywhere. But things never seem to work out that way. People feel awkard and are like yea im leaving. I dont blame them who wants to watch people fight but it just makes me feel worse. Buts its over now. Bobs just been kinda meh lately he hasnt been in any great moods I think thats part of it. But whatever its all good.

So this weekend one of my 2nd cousins on my moms side is getting married funny story about it. Ok so she is semi white trash and well 22 and getting married to some army guy. Well they invited to many people to the wedding and dont have enough food for everyone so they decided to place an age limit for the rececption and its 25, ok so she isnt invited to he own recepection? LAME but oh well my mom and dad decided that if sean and I cant go to the recpetion there not gonna leave us with all the 11 year olds at the "kids party" so were gonna go and say hello and peace out. Good plan. So the other thing is that everything is planned outside the reception (did I mention its at a state park and there is assigned seating at picnic tables? yea..) and the ceremony are both outdoors. Well I dont know if anyone has been watching the weather but there is a storm comming. Hmm well I might be gettin the last laugh inside my grandparents house eating stake hehe.

So in preperation for this 5 hr drive I got 5 books to read. 2 Nicholas Sparks the notebook and a walk to remember. I also got one by Sarah Dressen who aslo wrote this lullaby which I really liked called Dreamland. I also got a gossip girls book to see if Ill like it, I got the most recent one where they are going into college. And my last was a quick grab called Bad Girls by Alex Mcaulay. So if anyone has read or liked any of the above lemme know.

One last thing. I have a huge obession with coldplay and Alex and I are going to see them. Im excited, im not a big concert person but I think ill like it. Its weird ive never actually explained why I dont like going to concerts to anyone before. I feel like if I go to this concert (any concert) then someone else out there who probally likes the band or this type of music a lot more then me can no longer go. I like music but I would never go as far to say that im a big music person. So when I go to a concert in a way I feel like im wasting a seat by someone who would enjoy it more then me. But I really do like coldplay so I dont feel really guilty about going. But since the tickets are already purchased im going. Isnt that a weird reason not the like concerts? haha oh well. But I think it will be fun.

ok long long entry Im going swimming at the beach.
later bitches
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July 2nd, 2005

10:36 pm - i dont update anymore
YAY for fireworks and the 4th of july. Its to bad summer is over now. Yea so i never update because i work and such and well drink but thats my life its ok. Its fun so yea i think i hear a game of shoulders calling my name YAY so i gotta goo bitchesssssssss fireworks RULEE yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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June 6th, 2005

10:57 am - Wow its already June
So a month has already almost gone by. It went by fast!
So Alexs birthday came and went. Talk about a stressful planning, but we managed to have a good time. We got everyone to go over Donalds house and it was good but stressfull for Donald because he was scared his parents would come down, but I think we were ok for the most part.
I just really wish that the weather would just stay sunny and hot, its that time now. I feel like the group of us is gettin bored, were really not doing anything other then sitting around, we need to like find partys and have fun. I know once jay and kay get there place it will be awesome but this whole lets just sit around and watch tv and maybe drink is getting sorta boring. But whateverrrrr. So the sun is out today and I plan on tanning I seriously need to get tan because tan=skinny!!
So what else is going on... Well yesturday I was showing this new girl where things on the boat were because she had never been on it before so it took I sorta lost track of time and then before I knew it the boat started moving so I ran to the back and I threw my bag over and then the crew member there was like you cant jump off you cany jump off so what did I do? Jumped off. It was so scary becuase the boat was moving and then he radio'd to the captian someone just jumped off the boat so now im kinda scared that im gonna be in trouble but we will find out tonight. Im actually kinda nearvous but I told my parents so whatever happens, happens right? I hope everything is alright...
Oh yea I forgot to mention that someone slashed my tires, I have no idea who did it. But the police came and everything and I have to call the cop back tomorrow scaryy! She thinks that someone might have it out for me because if it was a random act, its weird that nothing happened to anyone else in the neighborhood and my brothers car that was right next to mine was fine 100% and the weirdest part was that my windows were done and they didnt take my faceplate or the cds I have in there. So something freaky is going on and I dont like it...
But im gonna get ready for lunch and the pool with alex so later bitchess
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May 30th, 2005

09:52 am - I swear im going to start updating more
I really think if I update more often then ill fall back into the pattern I was in when I was in High School and update atleast 2 times a week. I dont want people to think im turning this into an abonded journal. Well anyways summer so far has been great!

 Work has been going well. I can serve a small coffee like no other! No seriously though its fun Ive met soo many people and everyone is so nice I hope I can party with these girls all summer that would be great. The tips are a great added bonus as well yesturday I worked a double yes people 7:30 am till 10 pm! I was ready to die but I made 80 dollars in tips which was nice and since I was the only one working it went all into my pocket sweet. But I realized I have a huge problem that I need help with. When to tell someone they have had to much to drink. I know that someone has drank to much and I dont have the guts to cut them off. I dont want to embarass them or make them feel bad but if I dont cut them off, then I get in trouble or even worse they could get in trouble, but I dont have the guts to say anything in fear of upsetting them. I really need to work on this and im afraid that its going to turn into a big deal.

Friends have been even better. Besides for a few small minor tiffs that are now in the past things have been going awesome. Brittney has even made it down, ive already seen her twice this summer and that makes me so happy. Whenever I hang out with her it makes me miss her so much more. Brenna is soo big now and it makes me feel so sad to see that she has grown so much and I missed it all. But I know I have to grow past Quincy thats what life is all about growing and letting stuff go but its not always as easy as it is said. The house is going to be final on the 13th. VERY SCARY! I really just need to not let myself think about it way to sad of a thought and the worst part about it is that my mom is leaving them my entire bedroom set, granted were going to get an extra 2,000 dollars from them but still someone else using my bed and my dresser in my room, not something I wanna think about. If im not working on saturday im going to go up and help out move everything out for the final time, I almost wish im working because I dont think I can do it.
But enough with the sad Quincy stuff. The Cape seriously is the best place in the world in the summer. Despite the awful weather for the past week the sun has been shining for the past 2 days which has made me forget it ever even was raining. My parents went away this weekend so I has a few people over and it was a good time. Nothing to big because I wanted to keep it in control but it was fun. Friday I had worked 7:30-6 so I was tiered when people got here so I passed out soo early, but it was ok. Then Saturday I had off so I spent the day with people until they had to work it was fun and I got some sun which is always lovely. So we did the same exact deal on Saturday night but I didnt pass out early! I know I was so proud of myself. But I did go to bed around 1:30 because I had to work all day yesterday but it was worth it.

So basically my summer will be all set when my big brother comes home and im not living in this HUGE downstairs all by myself. Its scary down here at night even the smallest noise makes me jump and my heart race, so I kinda wish he would come home. Hes camping in California with one of his friends from RIT so hes having fun but I miss him. It was so nice to have him home this winter.

Anyways thats the summer so far I really wanna update more regularly.
Well lets just hope the sun keeps on shining and im going back to my book 'Brining Down the House' -its soo good I wanna go to vegas right now and hit the black jack table! Oh and also can I just tell everyone im SOOO EXCIED for the Sisterhood of the traveling pants movie! I know im going to hate it because I loved the book so much but I still really wanna see it im tempted to take myself on the night it comes out because I know no one else cares about it haha. Oh well Ill be a loser I dont care

Ok im really going now

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May 8th, 2005

04:00 pm - its all o-v-e-r
holy shit, its over. Wow I really cant believe it. Im a sophomore in college, time does fly by. So overall, I didnt absolutely love college, but I didnt hate it. By the end it got better hanging out with Steph, Julie and Michelle in addition to Deana and Amanda made it more fun I think, but I was so ready to leave. Im soo happy to be home its not even funny. Its so great to be here. The basement is so chill, but now all I need is a place for all my shit to go, because I have lots of it. My california closet will be installed next monday which will be friggin sweet. That is gonna save me soo much space, but until then im basically still living outa my bags which I hate!! Because im turning into the biggest mess, but its so hard not to when my clothes etc dont have a place. So yea I need to solve that problem but it will get resolved soon enough.
So I "started" work today, basically I showed up and then went home. It was kinda like a snow day haha, the winds were to strong so they sent us home and oh yea got paid lol. But im really nervous but oh well, I just hate new things soo much. Ill get used to it im sure but I dont like starting things, reason 1 I disliked college. But on a side note, so yea I met 3 girls today that ill be working with and oh of course 2 of the 3 go to salve, yea. One of them is going to be a junior and lived in my first choice room for room draw this year (that I didnt get) and the other is going to be a transfer. The girl who is going to be a transfer is really nice I like her. So yea I really hope work is fun.
So today is mothers day maybe I should go spend some time with her, yea.
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